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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World....

At Arete Homeschooling Collaborative, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our school, especially with regards to academic offerings.  We offer rigorous course options paired with highly qualified instructors. This combination provides homeschool students with a unique opportunity to receive exemplary instruction in a classroom environment, benefit from positive peer encouragement, and still receive the individualized attention that home education offers. 

Arete offers both 1 day/week and 2 day/week classes for students in grades K - 12. All classes are offered on an a la carte basis. For details about next year's course offerings, please visit our schedule.


“All truth is God’s truth.”  -Arthur Holmes


Our board takes great care in selecting the best quality curriculum for our classes.  We recognize that the best curriculum may not be specifically Christian-based.  We do not believe that a curriculum has to be overtly Christian to reveal truths about our Creator and His creation; therefore, some of our curriculum choices are secular-based.  We are careful to select curriculum that does not contradict the Word of God or our Christian beliefs.  

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