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About Us

Arete Homeschooling Collaborative is more than a homeschool collective offering challenging courses; we are a community of families who share a similar educational vision for our children.  As a community, one of our top priorities is to support each other in our Christian walk, homeschool journeys, and in life.  We encourage our families to pray for each other, participate in fellowship, and help each other out in times of need.  Additionally, we provide our families with support in the implementation of classical learning at home and opportunities to learn more about classical education.  

How does Arete Homeschooling Collaborative work?

Students attend class, led by a qualified instructor either one or two days a week, depending on the course.
Instructors communicate with parents regarding home assignments and student progress.

Students complete assignments throughout the week.

Parents work with students at home to complete assignments, monitor student progress, assign grades, and maintain records.

Parents are invited to sit in on classes but are not required to stay on campus.
Our Philosophy

Arete Homeschooling Collaborative believes children are created in the image of God; therefore the purpose of education is

1. To grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Creator and His Creation.

2. To cultivate hearts, minds, and souls by filling them with truth, beauty, and goodness.


3. To foster our children's God-given gifts and talents and equip them for God's calling in their lives.


4. In a word--to become more Christ-like.

Our Story

The idea behind Arete Homeschooling Collaborative began with the Magnuson family, who had relocated to Panama City in the spring of 2014.  The Magnusons had classically homeschooled their two boys for the previous four years and were looking for an opportunity for academically rigorous classes and positive peer interactions, especially as their two boys increased in grade level.  Over the following two years, the idea of a classical, homeschool collaborative in Panama City developed and grew through prayer, research, informational meetings, and school visits. 


The advantages of this hybrid model appealed to many homeschool families, and Arete began classes in the fall of 2016 with 31 students taking Science, Art and Writing once per week and Math twice per week.  In early 2017 two families, the Howlands and Presleys, joined the leadership team, and with their assistance the collaborative was able to grow to 21 classes taking place twice per week with 65 K-8 students and 13 instructors.


For more information on hybrid collaboratives or classical education, feel free to contact us at

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